Baby Sleep Consultant

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, but honestly, it’s so hard. This little person counts on us for everything. In those early days, when it was eat, sleep, diaper change, repeat, it felt like we’d never find a groove. We just assumed Carson would sleep great in the bassinet we’d gotten. Well, we were wrong, and I sat for a long, miserable 24 hours on the couch fighting sleep, trying to nurse, holding our baby. We were wrapped in one of those giant pregnancy pillows, which helped with feeling safe, but this was not a sustainable plan.

I did a lot of research, and we ended up using a Rock ‘n Play, which was a great solution for our family. Then the day came when I saw our baby’s sweet little feet dangling over the edge of his little bed. He was 5 ½ months old. He wasn’t going to fit in the Rock ‘n Play much longer, and we had no back-up plan. Every time we had previously put our kiddo in the crib, he fussed and cried and would not go down. We tried multiple ways to get him to sleep, but nothing worked.

I recalled an article on KETV about Kelly Robson who was helped parents learn how to teach their babies to sleep. I thought it was worth a shot, so I looked her up, found her Baby Bliss Consulting business website, and called her. So glad I did!

When Kelly showed up, we took Carson upstairs right away and she showed us what to do. She was very friendly and warm, and we trusted her right away. We got to help our son learn how to self-soothe without creating crutches that would prevent him from going to sleep without us. We made minor changes to the techniques Kelly taught us, to fit our baby, and were quickly able to help him sleep. The first few nights were a challenge, and Andrew and I had to take turns with him when he cried, but using her techniques we always got him back to sleep. After about a week, he slept without a fuss. When we called Baby Bliss Consulting, I didn’t realize we’d get a great sleeper almost right away.

Being a parent is hard, but asking for help has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve learned how to do. Kelly Robson with Baby Bliss Consulting was a huge help and I’d recommend her to anyone. She came up with a schedule that worked with our family of early risers that we were able to integrate into his daily routine, at home or at daycare. If you’re interested in reaching out to her, I’ve included her website and phone number below. If you’re thinking about it at all, don’t hesitate. We should’ve called sooner. Working with her has been great, and we have people tell us how amazing it is that our kiddo goes to bed and naps so well. We absolutely credit Baby Bliss Consulting!

Baby Bliss Consulting
Kelly Robson
Happy sleeping!


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